Project Description

Encounters with Istanbul are always magical for me.

Istanbul is a city that spreads over two continents, a city whose history and power of the modern age you feel on every step.

The people in this city are entirely different. They will immediately win you over with their charm.

The joy and fulfillment, heartiness, genuineness and ethics are all felt within the first few moments spent in this city.

They will find a way to approach you in their own special way, pay you compliments, talk to you as if you’ve known each other for a long time, but the whole experience will seem kind, particularly pleasant and authentically human.

Istanbul is powerful. Istanbul is one of a kind.

To be fair, I still haven’t met anyone who felt indifferent towards it. A former capital of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empire, formerly known by many names – Constantinople, Byzantium – but always proud, unfaltering and true to self.

Istanbul is lively 24/7, in Istanbul you will feel romance and love.

Humanity and joy of life will surround you every step you take.

The Old City, the Golden Horn, the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Taksim, Bosphorus, Dolmabahce Palace, the new European part and the Asian part and much much more. Tourist attractions abound here.

Restaurants, parks and nightlife, hookahs, salep and pomegranate juice, unity and genuine emotions. I love every street in this city and every moment spent here I find precious.

A lot has been said and written about Istanbul, but everything you’ve ever heard and read doesn’t even begin to compare to what you’ll experience here and how the city will make you feel.

Giving yourself over to this city means discovering new parts of yourself, but also inevitably embracing sadness when it’s time to say goodbye. Instead of letting sadness engulf you, let it be engulfed the magic of 1001 Nights. Make a promise to yourself and to Istanbul that you will return.